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Table 1 Search terms used (all databases)

From: Meta-analysis of health state utility values measured by EuroQol 5-dimensions (EQ5D) questionnaire in Chinese women with breast cancer

Element of clinical question Search terms
Population Mesh terms Humans, Women, Quality of life, Quality Adjusted Life Years, Breast neoplasms Breast neoplasm*(TI/AB), Breast cancer* (TI/AB), Breast carcinoma* (TI/AB), Breast tumour* (TI/AB), Mammary cancer* (TI/AB), Mammary neoplasm* (TI/AB),Mammary carcinoma* (TI/AB), Mammary tumor* (TI/AB) China (TI/AB), Chinese (TI/AB)
Intervention/ comparator/outcome(s) EuroQoL, EuroQoL-5D, EQ-5D,
Health utilities [tw], Health-state utilities [tw]
Health Utilities Index [tw], HUI2, HUI3,
Utility score* [tw], Utility value*[tw],
Utilities [tw] NOT (clinical utilities [tw] OR Diagnostic utilities [tw]),
Utility [tw] NOT (clinical utility [tw] OR diagnostic utility [tw]),
Standard gamble [tw],
Time trade-off [tw], TTO [tiab]
  1. *indicates a truncated term; AB = abstract; TI = title; tw = text word