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Table 2 Patients, age and regions, family history, and deleterious mutations (n = 25)

From: Assessing frequency and clinical outcomes of BRCA mutated ovarian cancer in Saudi women

Age Region* Personal History of cancer Family members/ type of cancer Gene Mutation Protein change
60 South BRCA1 c1140dupG p.Lys381Glufs*3
45 Central Breast Ca BRCA1 c.1140dupG p.Lys381Glufs*3
52 Western Breast Ca Sister (breast) BRCA1 c.1140dupG p.Lys381Glufs*3
52 Central BRCA1 c.1140dupG p.Lys381Glufs*3
48 Western BRCA1 c.1140dupG p.lys381Glufs*3
40 Eastern BRCA1 c1140dupG p.Lys381Glufs*3
45 Central Sister (breast/ovarian) Father (Lung) BRCA1 c.1140dupG p.Lys381Glufs*3
43 Central Breast Ca Mother and Sister (breast) BRCA1 c.1140dupG p.Lys381Glufs*3
41 Eastern BRCA1 c.1140dupG p.Lys381Glufs*3
59 Northern BRCA1 c.5530del p.Leu1844Serfs*11
67 Central BRCA1 c.5530del p.Leu1844Sarfs*11
49 Central Breast Ca BRCA1 c.5530del p.Leu1844Serfs*11
56 Central Sister (breast) BRCA1 c.5095C > T p.Arg1699Trp
69 Southern BRCA1 c.2572C > T p.Gln858*
48 Central Pheochromocytoma, Breast Ca Brother (colon Ca) BRCA1 c.2405_2406del p.Val802Glufs*7
38 Central BRCA1 c.2410_2413del p.gln804Valfs*10
56 Southern Sister (breast) BRCA1 c.1426_1433del p.His476*
62 Northern BRCA1 c.5074 + 2 T > T  
50 Northern BRCA1 c.5095C > T p.Arg1699Trp
53 Central Sister (breast/ovarian) Father (Colon) BRCA1 c.135-1del  
43 Central BRCA1 c.1016del p.Lys339Argfs*2
56 Central BRCA1 c.69del p.Glu23Valfs*17
35 Southern BRCA1 c.708_711dupTGAA p.His228*
50 Northern BRCA2 c.7007G > A p.Arg2336His
41 Central BRCA2 c.5762_5772del p.Phe1921Serfs*3
  1. Regions according to the Saudi cancer registry: Central region (Riyadh, Qassim, and Hail), Northern region (Madinah, Tabuk, Jouf, and Northern), Western region (Makkah, Madinah, Jeddah, and Taif), Eastern region (Dammam and Ahsa), and Southern region (Jizan, Naran, Baha, and Asir