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Table 1 HoSAGE Study schedule of activities and procedures

From: HoSAGE: sarcopenia in older patient with intermediate / high-risk prostate cancer, prevalence and incidence after androgen deprivation therapy: study protocol for a cohort trial

  T0 Treatment phase T1
Oncologist consultation X X  
Diagnosis X   
G8 score ≤14 X   
Geriatrician consultation X   X
Enlighten consent X   X
Enrollment X   X
Demographic information X   X
Social isolation X   X
Cognitive status (MMSE and clock drawing test) X   X
Mood status (GDS) X   X
Autonomy (ADL and IADL Score) X   X
Nutritional status (BMI, MNA score and Albumin) X   X
Mobility (OLGT, Gait speed) X   X
Sarcopenia screening (SARC-F, Handgrip test and chair stand test) X   X
If Sarcopenia risk suspected (SARC-F≥4/10), and Muscle strength is impaired, SMI will be measured by (DXA)a Xa   Xa
Radiotherapy treatment
(dates, dose delivered and number of fractions)
Androgen deprivation therapy
(dates, dose delivered, frequency, adverse events)
  1. aDXA assessment performed only if SARC-F score is ≥4/10 and muscle strength is impaired (either handgrip strength under 27 kg for men and 16kg for women or five chair stand test is performed in more than 15 seconds)
  2. CGA: Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment; MMSE: Mini Mental State Examination; GDS: Geriatric Depression Scale; ADL: Activity of Daily Living; IADL: Instrumental Activity of Daily Living; BMI: Body Mass Index; MNA: Mini Nutritional Assessment; OLGT: One Leg Balance Test; SARC-F: Strength, Assistance walking, Rise from a chair, Climb stairs, and Falls; SMI: Skeletal Muscle Index (appendicular muscular mass/seize2); DXA: Dual-energy X-ray