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Table 1 Interleukin-17F expression in cancer

From: Variable roles of interleukin-17F in different cancers

Cancer Sample and cancer type Target Method Patients + control Main findings Authors
Bladder Surgical resection Protein IHC 80 (bladder cancer) + 23 (cystitis) + 6 (hyperplastic bladder polyps) IL-17F was overexpressed in the bladder cancer group (p < 0.01) Liu et al. 2016 [11]
Breast Blood Protein Multiplex 150 + 60 Soluble levels of IL-17F were similar between breast cancer patients and healthy control (data not shown) Avalos-Navarro et al. 2019 [12]
Surgical specimens Protein IHC 180 IL-17F was not associated with pCR rate but tumors with IL17F infiltrates were significantly smaller than those without them (P = 0.041). Oda et al. 2012 [13]
Colorectal Cultured rectal cancer biopsy Protein Multiplex ELISA 12 (rectal cancer) + 8 (normal) IL-17A/F was secreted at significantly higher levels from the rectal cancer secretome than the normal rectal secretome (p = 0.003). Heeran et al. 2020 [14]
CRC, surgical resection Protein, mRNA RT-qPCR, WB, IHC 67 IL-17F was overexpressed in CRC tumor tissues compared with paired non-tumor mucosa at both mRNA and protein levels. Overexpression of IL-17F was associated with worse RFS (p = 0.03) and OS (p < 0.05) Chen et al., 2019 [15]
CRC, endoscopic biopsy Protein IHC 29 (CRC) + 17 (UC) + 7 (CHP) Positive IL-17F was significantly higher in UC and polyp samples compared with CRC (p = 0.00001 and p = 0.0007) Liu et al. 2018 [16]
CRC, serum Protein Multiplex 122 No association between IL-17F and OS/PFS Lereclus et al. 2017 [17]
CC, surgical resection, serum Protein Bio-Plex 33 Elevated levels of IL-17F were associated with advanced disease. Stage IV showed elevated systemic levels of IL-17F compared to stages I-III (p all< 0.05). Sharp et al. 2017 [18]
CRC, serum Protein ELISA 109 + 52 No IL-17F was detected in patients’ sera and only one healthy individual had IL-17F in his serum. Nemati et al. 2015 [19]
CRC, cultured surgical resection Protein IHC/IF 10 + 10 IL-17F was decreased in CRC compared to healthy control Al-Samadi et al. 2015
CC, surgical resection Protein + mRNA IHC, WB, RT-qPCR 40 Lower levels of IL-17F mRNA were found in cancer tissue compared to normal mucosa (p < 0.05) Tong et al. 2012 [20]
Oral Oral and/or oropharyngeal cancer, saliva protein ELISA 71 The higher salivary concentrations of IL-17F was significantly associated with disease advancement. Zielińska et al. 2020
OTSCC, surgical resection Protein IHC/IF 83 Extracellular IL-17F at the tumor invasion front was associated with better disease-specific survival in patients with all-stages and early-stages of oral tongue SCC. (p = 0.001) Almahmoudi et al. 2019 [21]
OSCC, blood Protein ELISA 58 + 52 IL-17F was decreased in OSCC patient samples compared to healthy control (p < 0.05). Xiaonan et al. 2019 [22]
OSCC, serum Protein ELISA 85 (OSCC) + 15 (leukoplakia) + 28 (healthy) IL-17F was decreased in OSCC patient samples compared to healthy controls (p < 0.05). Patients with smoking habit had higher IL-17F. Ding et al. 2015 [23]
Leukemia CLL, blood Protein FCM 21 + 9 No significant association between TH17F cells and CLL Sherry et al. 2015 [24]
B-CLL, serum and cell lysates Protein WB, ELISA 23 + 13 IL-17F is less expressed in PMNs and B-lymphocytes of patients compared to cells of healthy subjects. IL-17F was significantly increased in serum of stage IV disease patients compared with healthy subjects and stage 0/I and III patients. Garley et al., 2014 [25]
Liver HCC, blood Protein Bio-Plex 87 + 87 IL-17F levels not associated with HCC Shen et al. 2018 [26]
HCV-HCC, surgical resection mRNA qRT-PCR 40 (cancerous + adjacent non-cancerous tissues) IL-17F positive frequency was higher in cancerous tissue than in non-cancerous tissue Wu et al. 2017 [27]
Lung surgical resection Protein IHC 55 + 12 Expression of IL-17F was positively associated with tumor differentiation and negatively associated with lymph node metastasis and TNM staging (p all< 0.05) Li et al. 2019 [28]
NSCLC, surgical resection Protein IHC 29 (squamous cell carcinoma) + 30 (adenocarcinoma) + 10 (healthy control) IL-17F immunoreactivity was increased in both SCC and ADC tissue compared with healthy control (p < 0.05). IL-17F immunoreactivity was expressed principally in macrophages, but also epithelial cells and some malignant cells. Huang et al., 2018 [29]
NSCLC, serum Protein Multiplex 50 + 14 IL-17F was decreased in squamous cell carcinoma stage M1 compared to M0 (P < 0.05) and in stages IIIB-IV compared to stages I-IIIa (p < 0.01) Yang et al. 2015 [30]
Lymphoma BIA-ALCL, surgical resection Protein IHC 4 (BIA-ALCL) + 4 (healthy) + 10 (LP) + 6 (pcALCL) IL-17F expression was weaker in BIA-ALCL tumor cells Kadin et al. 2016 [31]
AIDS-NHL, serum Protein + mRNA multiplex immunoassay 176 (AIDS-NHL) + 176 (HIV+) No significant association between IL-17F expression and AIDS-NHL Vendrame et al. 2014 [32]
CTCL, skin biopsy mRNA PCR 60 IL-17F was expressed more in progressive CTCL compared to non-progressive disease (p < 0.05) Willerslev-Olsen et al. 2014 [33]
CTCL, surgical resection mRNA PCR 60 IL-17F+ patients had a significantly increased risk of disease progression (odds ratio = 2.75; p = 0.025) compared with IL-17F- patients Krejsgaard et al. 2013 [34]
CTCL, surgical resection mRNA RT-qPCR 21 (CTCL) + 5 (psoriasis) + 6 (normal) IL17F mRNA levels were not significantly elevated in lesional skin of CTCL Miyagaki et al. 2011 [35]
CTCL, surgical resection mRNA RT-PCR 62 IL-17F genes were expressed in poor prognosis clusters, and seemed to strongly correlate with an advanced and/or progressive disease Litvinov et al. 2010 [36]
Ovarian surgical resection Protein FCM 24 (cystadenocarcinoma) + 25 (cystadenoma) + 11 (serous borderline tumors) + 20 (control) Number of IL-17F-positive TH17 cells is not increased or decreased in ovarian cancer Winkler et al. 2017 [37]
ascites Protein Cytokine profiling kit 266 No association between IL-17F and OS Chen et al. 2015 [38]
Pancreas serum Protein Luminex 78 (pancreatic adenocarcinoma) + 41 (control) + 40 (chronic pancreatitis) + 20 (recurrent acute pancreatitis) IL-17F was decreased in pancreatic adenocarcinoma when compared with chronic pancreatitis (p = 0.023) Park et al. 2020 [39]
Prostate surgical resection Protein IHC 116 (prostate cancer) + 10 (BPH) A significant higher IL-17F expression was found in the prostate cancer group in comparison to the BPH group (p < 0.05). Janiczek et al. 2020 [40]
surgical resection Protein IHC 29 (prostate adenocarcinoma) + 47 (BPH) + 6 (control) IL-17F was elevated in BPH (p = 0.014) and prostate adenocarcinoma (p = 0.026) compared to healthy controls. Liu et al. 2015 [41]
Skin Skin BCC, serum Protein ELISA 81 + 53 IL-17F levels not associated with cancer risk Mohammadipour et al. 2019 [42]
  1. Abbreviations: AIDS-NHL = HIV-infection associated non-hodgkin lymphoma, ADC = adenocarcinoma B-CLL = B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia, BCC = basal cell carcinoma, BIA-ACLC = breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma, BPH = bening prostatic hyperplasia, CC = colon cancer, CHP = colorectal hyperplastic polyps, CLL = chronic lymphocytic leukemia, CRC = colorectal cancer, CTCL = cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, ELISA = enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, FCM = flow cytometry, HCC = hepatocellular carcinoma, HCV-HCC = hepatitis C virus-associated hepatocellular carcinoma IF = immunofluorescence, IHC = immunohistochemistry, LP = lymphomatoid papulosis, NSCLC = non-small cell lung cancer, OS = overall survival, OSCC = oral squamous cell carcinoma, OTSCC = oral tongue squamous cell carcinoma, pcALCL = primary cutaneous anaplastic large cell lymphoma, pCR = pathological complete response, PCR = polymerase chain reaction, PFS = progression-free survival, PMNs = polymorphonuclear cells, RFS = relapse-free survival, RT-PCR = real-time or reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction, RT-qPCR = quantitative real-time or reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction, SCC = squamous cell carcinoma, UC = ulcerative colitis, WB = western blotting