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Table 6 Clinical and radiological outcomes at first evaluation

From: Stereotactic body radiotherapy for intramedullary metastases: a retrospective series at the Oscar Lambret center and a systematic review

No. Of patients Time to first evaluation Type of imaging Motor deficit Sensory deficit Clinical response Imaging Radiological response
1 3 months Scanner 0 Posterior cord syndrome L1 L–T12 R Stability Scan Complete response
2 NA NA 4 None Improvement None NA
3 3 months Scanner 5 None Improvement Scan Stability
4 18 months MRI 5 None Stability MRI Partial response
5 3 months MRI 5 None Stability MRI Almost complete response
  1. Abbreviations: L: Left, R: Right, MRI: Magnetic Resonance Imaging, NA: Not Available