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Table 2 List of additional eligibility criteria

From: Molecular profiling of advanced soft-tissue sarcomas: the MULTISARC randomized trial

Inclusion criteria Non-inclusion criteria
1 Archived FFPE block of specimen tumor sampling obtained anytime during disease development for research purpose, Previous allogeneic bone marrow transplant,
2 No prior or concurrent malignant disease diagnosed or treated in the last two years before inclusion, except for in situ carcinoma of the cervix and adequately treated basal cell or squamous cell carcinoma of the skin and prostate cancer, Evidence of severe or uncontrolled systemic disease (uncontrolled hypertension, active bleeding diatheses, or active Hepatitis B, C and HIV or active autoimmune disease),
3 Participant with a social security in compliance with the French law Any condition which in the Investigator’s opinion makes it undesirable for the subject to participate in the trial or which would jeopardize compliance with the protocol,
4   Individuals deprived of liberty or placed under guardianship
5   Pregnant or breast feeding women,
6   Men or women refusing contraception,
7   Previous enrolment in the present study,
8   Any contraindication to first-line systemic treatment.