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Table 2 Quality assessment of the 8 randoized controlled trials for the meta-analysis

From: Direct comparisons of efficacy and safety between actinomycin-D and methotrexate in women with low-risk gestational trophoblastic neoplasia: a meta-analysis of randomized and high-quality non-randomized studies

Study Adequate random sequence generation Allocation concealment Blinding method Adequate assessment of each outcome Free of selective reporting Modified Jadad score
Kang (2019) Y U U Y Y 5
Yarandi (2016) Y Y Y Y Y 7
Shahbazian (2014) U U U Y Y 4
Mousavi (2012) Y U U Y Y 5
Lertkhachonsuk (2009) Y U U Y Y 5
Osborne (2011) Y N Y Y Y 5
Gilani (2005) Y U U Y Y 5
Schink (2020) Y U U Y Y 5
  1. U Unclear, Y Yes, N No