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Table 3 Latent and manifest variables included in the model built by SEM

From: Building a biopsychosocial model of cancer-related fatigue: the BIOCARE FActory cohort study protocol

Latent variable Manifest variable Test
Social function Family sociability Semi-structured interview
Friendly sociability Semi-structured interview
Professional sociability Semi-structured interview
Income Semi-structured interview
Cognitive function MoCA total score MoCA
TMT time TMT
Interference score Stroop
Physical function 95% confidence ellipse area Postural test
FA Neuromuscular fatigability test
VA Neuromuscular fatigability test
Db100 Neuromuscular fatigability test
Power output at LT1 Cardiorespiratory fitness test
Sleep efficiency Actigraphy
Total activity duration Actigraphy
Sarcopenia Abdominal CT at the L3 level
Biological function Cancer stage Medical file
Cancer treatment Medical file
IL-6 concentration Blood sample
IL-1β concentration Blood sample
TNFɑ concentration Blood sample
CRF FA item score EORTC QLQ-C30
Physical subscale EORTC QLQ-FA12
Cognitive subscale EORTC QLQ-FA12
Emotional subscale EORTC QLQ-FA12
Emotional function Coping score Brief Cope
Anxiety scale HADS
Depression scale HADS
Maximal COP velocity Postural test