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Table 2 Summary of the four cases of RAS-mutant glioma

From: Infrequent RAS mutation is not associated with specific histological phenotype in gliomas

  Age Sex Location Diagnosis RAS mutation Other genetic profile PFS (months) OS (months)
Case 1 31 F frontal AO-IDH mut + 1p/19qcodel KRAS G12A IDH1 R132H, TERT C250T, 1p/19q codeletion 45 69+
Case 2 54 F frontal, genu of corpus callosum AA-IDH wild type KRAS E76D MGMT promoter hyper methylation 29 49
Case 3 45 M frontal, parietal AA-IDH wild type NRAS Q61R   3 24
Case 4 36 M occipital Ganglioglioma KRAS Q61K   18 32+
  1. AA Anaplastic astrocytoma. AO Anaplastic oligodendroglioma, PFS Progressive free survival, OS Overall survival