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Table 3 Data sources and output generated in the CRCbiome study

From: The CRCbiome study: a large prospective cohort study examining the role of lifestyle and the gut microbiome in colorectal cancer screening participants

   Time pointsa
Baseline 2 months 12 months 10 years
Clinical data
 Medical history Prior colonoscopies and CT colonographies, comorbidities (3 items), drug use (6 items), gastrointestinal symptoms (9 items), smoking habits (1 item) and body weight and height x    
 Screening specific data FIT value, endoscopic findings, histopathology and clinical diagnoses, type of procedure and bowel preparation used, degree of bowel cleansing, intubation level, duration of colonoscopy, use of sedation or analgesia, reason for ending the examination, if necessary, and recommended surveillance x    
Biological samples
 Fecal samples Gut microbiome profile, including taxonomic and functional profiles x x x  
 Lifestyle and demographics (LDQ) Demographic factors (i.e. national background, marital status, education and occupation), smoking and snus habits (up to 5 questions each), physical activity (hours spent on physical activity of light, moderate and high intensity per week and presence of chronic diseases restricting ability of being physically active), use of regular and cultured milk (two frequency questions), mode of delivery at birth, removal of the appendix, recent use of medications (i.e. antibiotic and antacid usage the last three months), presence of chronic bowel disorders and food intolerances (closed and open format questions) and presence of CRC among first-degree relatives x    
 Diet (FFQ) Energy intake, intake of macro and micronutrients, frequency and/or amounts of 256 foods and drinks consumedb, dietary patterns, including meal pattern, body weight and height x    
Registry data
 Cancer registry Cancer incidence and mortality, clinicopathological characteristics, information on treatment regimens x   x x
 Prescriptions database Complete prescription history since 2004 x   x  
  1. aIn cases of multiple screening colonoscopies, the time of the 2 and 12 months follow-up visits is defined based on the first and last colonoscopy, respectively
  2. bA complete overview of the food items included in the FFQ is given in Additional file 1(Supplementary Table 1)