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Table 4 KEGG pathway analysis of DEGs associated with ccRCC

From: Bioinformatics analysis of C3 and CXCR4 demonstrates their potential as prognostic biomarkers in clear cell renal cell carcinoma (ccRCC)

Term Count P Value Genes
hsa04966:Collecting duct acid secretion 6 1.77E-05 CLCNKB, SLC4A1, ATP6V1G3, ATP6V1B1, ATP6V0A4, ATP6V0D2
hsa05150:Staphylococcus aureus infection 7 5.12E-05 C1QA, C1QB, C3, ITGB2, FCGR3A, FCGR3B, PLG
hsa04145:Phagosome 10 9.64E-05 C3, TLR2, ITGB2, CTSS, ATP6V1G3, FCGR3A, ATP6V1B1, ATP6V0A4, FCGR3B, ATP6V0D2
hsa05323:Rheumatoid arthritis 7 7.65E-04 TNFSF13B, TLR2, ITGB2, ATP6V1G3, ATP6V1B1, ATP6V0A4, ATP6V0D2
hsa05152:Tuberculosis 9 0.001573 C3, TLR2, FCER1G, ITGB2, CTSS, FCGR3A, ATP6V0A4, FCGR3B, ATP6V0D2
hsa04610:Complement and coagulation cascades 6 0.001629 KNG1, C1QA, C1QB, C3, SERPINA5, PLG
hsa01100:Metabolic pathways 26 0.006292 ACOX2, TYRP1, ENPP3, HK2, UPP2, ATP6V1B1, LPCAT1, ENO2, ALDH4A1, ATP6V0D2, HPD, ALDH6A1, NDUFA4L2, SUCLG1, FBP1, PFKP, PCK2, MAN1C1, GGT6, RRM2, ABAT, ATP6V1G3, ATP6V0A4, DCXR, ACAA1, NNMT
hsa03320:PPAR signaling pathway 5 0.009598 ACOX2, FABP1, PCK2, ACAA1, ANGPTL4
hsa00010:Glycolysis / Gluconeogenesis 5 0.009598 ENO2, FBP1, PFKP, HK2, PCK2
hsa05140:Leishmaniasis 5 0.011719 C3, TLR2, ITGB2, FCGR3A, FCGR3B
hsa01200:Carbon metabolism 6 0.013278 ALDH6A1, SUCLG1, ENO2, FBP1, PFKP, HK2
hsa05133:Pertussis 5 0.01412 C1QA, C1QB, C3, ITGB2, CASP1
hsa05110:Vibrio cholerae infection 4 0.026859 ATP6V1G3, ATP6V1B1, ATP6V0A4, ATP6V0D2
hsa05134:Legionellosis 4 0.029616 C3, TLR2, ITGB2, CASP1
hsa04721:Synaptic vesicle cycle 4 0.043794 ATP6V1G3, ATP6V1B1, ATP6V0A4, ATP6V0D2
hsa05230:Central carbon metabolism in cancer 4 0.045546 SLC16A3, PDK1, PFKP, HK2
hsa00640:Propanoate metabolism 3 0.047335 ALDH6A1, SUCLG1, ABAT
hsa01130:Biosynthesis of antibiotics 7 0.04889 SUCLG1, ENO2, FBP1, PFKP, HK2, PCK2, ACAA1
hsa05120:Epithelial cell signaling in Helicobacter pylori infection 4 0.051005 ATP6V1G3, ATP6V1B1, ATP6V0A4, ATP6V0D2
hsa00051:Fructose and mannose metabolism 3 0.060164 FBP1, PFKP, HK2
hsa04650:Natural killer cell mediated cytotoxicity 5 0.065949 FCER1G, ITGB2, FCGR3A, FCGR3B, TYROBP
hsa00190:Oxidative phosphorylation 5 0.084557 NDUFA4L2, ATP6V1G3, ATP6V1B1, ATP6V0A4, ATP6V0D2
hsa04960:Aldosterone-regulated sodium reabsorption 3 0.085035 FXYD4, HSD11B2, KCNJ1
hsa05322:Systemic lupus erythematosus 5 0.086365 C1QA, C1QB, C3, FCGR3A, FCGR3B