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Table 3 Dose constraints of normal tissue. The biologically effective dose in 2 Gy fractions (BED2Gy) is calculated assuming an alpha/beta value of 2Gy for all normal tissues. ALARA As low as reasonable achievable. Dose constraints of can be exceeded in case of tumor involvement and with agreement of the patient

From: Adenoid cystic Carcinoma and Carbon ion Only irradiation (ACCO): Study protocol for a prospective, open, randomized, two-armed, phase II study

Organ at risk Dose contraints BED2Gy  
Brain stem 54Gy(RBE)/82% 60Gy Dmax superficial
Chiasma 49.5Gy(RBE)/75% 52.6Gy Dmax
Optic nerves 49.5Gy(RBE)/75% 52.6Gy Dmax
Spinal cord 45Gy(RBE)/68% 45.3Gy Dmax
Parotid gland 31Gy(RBE)/47% 26.4Gy Dmean
Lower jaw 60Gy(RBE)/90% 69.8Gy Dmax superficial
Lens ALARA   
Bulb ALARA   
Lacrimal gland ALARA   
Inner ear ALARA   
Temporomandibular joint ALARA