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Table 2 Overview of Study Characteristics of Trials Included in the NMA

From: Network meta-analysis of eribulin versus other chemotherapies used as second- or later-line treatment in locally advanced or metastatic breast cancer

Trial Brief Patient Description RCT Design Treatments N Randomized Objectives
Study 301
Kaufman 2015 [12]
Twelves 2016 [13]
Cortes 2015 [14]
Pivot 2018 [15]
Women with MBC who had received prior anthracycline- and taxane-based therapy Phase III Open-label 1) ERI
2) CAP
1102 To compare ERI with CAP in patients with LABC or MBC.
Cortes 2011 [16]
Twelves 2015 [17]
Cardoso 2011 [18]
Women with heavily pre-treated (third line to fifth line) locally recurrent or MBC Phase III Open-label 1) ERI
2) TPC: 25% VIN, 19% GEM, 18% CAP, 15% taxanes, 10% anthracyclines, 10% other chemo, 4% hormonal therapy
1102 To compare OS of women with heavily pre-treated MBC receiving ERI or real-life treatment choices.
Pallis, 2012 [19]
Women with MBC, pre-treated and/or resistant to anthracyclines and taxanes Phase III Blinding NR 1) CAP
2) VIN + GEM
172 To demonstrate superiority of combination treatment in terms of PFS.
Vahdat, 2013 [20]
Women with locally recurrent or MBC who had received prior taxane therapy, at least one prior cytotoxic chemotherapy for advanced disease, and progressed during last anti-cancer treatment Phase II
1) ERI
2) IXA
104 To assess the incidence of neuropathy.
Thomas, 2007 [21]
Hortobagyi, 2010 [22]
Rugo 2018 [23]
Women with LABC or MBC, pre-treated with or resistant to anthracyclines and taxanes Phase III Open-label 1) IXA + CAP
2) CAP
752 To describe the results of OS from the CA163–046 phase III study.
Sparano 2010 [24]
Rugo 2018 [23]
Women previously treated with an anthracycline- and taxane-containing regimen Phase III Open-label 1) IXA + CAP
2) CAP
1221 To assess whether the combination improved survival compared with CAP monotherapy.
Zhang 2017 [25]
Female patients with MBC refractory to anthracycline and taxane Phase III Open-label 1) UTI + CAP
2) CAP
405 To compare the efficacy and safety of UTI + CAP vs. CAP alone in patients with MBC.
  1. Abbreviations: CAP CApecitabinek, ERI Eribulin, GEM Gemcitibine, HER2 Human epidermal growth factor receptor 2, IXA Ixabepilone, LABC Locally advanced breast cancer, MBC Metastatic breast cancer, NR Not reported, OS Overall survival, PFS Progression-free survival, RCT Randomized controlled trial, TPC Treatment by physician’s choice, UTI Utidelone, VIN Vinorelbine