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Table 3 The top 10 genes with positive and negative correlation to MTFR2

From: Evaluation of clinical value and potential mechanism of MTFR2 in lung adenocarcinoma via bioinformatics

Gene Corgene Cor p value
MTFR2 CENPW 0.876 1.08E-170
MTFR2 TTK 0.849 7.63E-150
MTFR2 NCAPH 0.848 4.00E-149
MTFR2 RAD51 0.835 1.43E-140
MTFR2 CENPA 0.827 2.59E-135
MTFR2 KIF2C 0.817 2.83E-129
MTFR2 BUB1 0.817 1.98E-129
MTFR2 CDCA8 0.816 5.28E-129
MTFR2 HJURP 0.814 7.81E-128
MTFR2 CDCA5 0.814 1.26E-127
MTFR2 C16orf89 −0.655 7.35E-67
MTFR2 CRY2 −0.628 3.92E-60
MTFR2 C1orf116 −0.585 1.60E-50
MTFR2 CYP4B1 −0.583 5.72E-50
MTFR2 SELENBP1 −0.58 2.16E-49
MTFR2 CACNA2D2 −0.576 1.56E-48
MTFR2 ADGRF5 −0.568 4.68E-47
MTFR2 NAPSA −0.561 1.09E-45
MTFR2 SNED1 −0.558 4.89E-45
MTFR2 NR3C2 −0.557 6.44E-45
  1. Note: Corgene, co-expressed gene; Cor, correlation coefficient