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Table 1 The expression of MTFR2 in Ualcan database was correlated to the clinicopathological characteristics in LUAD patients

From: Evaluation of clinical value and potential mechanism of MTFR2 in lung adenocarcinoma via bioinformatics

Clinicopathological characteristics p value
 Normal-vs-Primary 1.62447832963153E-12
 Male-vs-Female 4.185800E-02
 Age(41-60Yrs)-vs-Age(61-80Yrs) 1.089890E-02
 Non smoker-vs-Smoker 7.3849000004067E-07
 Non smoker-vs-Reformed smoker2 6.560800E-03
 Smoker-vs-Reformed smoker1 1.53600000496468E-08
 Smoker-vs-Reformed smoker2 1.978210E-03
 Reformed smoker1-vs-Reformed smoker2 1.955780E-04
Cancer stages
 Stage1-vs-Stage2 4.427500E-02
Tissue types
 NOS-vs-Mixed 2.900200E-02
 NOS-vs-LBC-Non Mucinous 2.038200E-03
 NOS-vs-Solid Pattern Predominant 2.599600E-02
 NOS-vs-Acinar 5.378900E-03
 NOS-vs-LBC-Mucinous 1.70860000003881E-06
 NOS-vs-Papillary 1.027880E-04
 Mixed-vs-Solid Pattern Predominant 1.196000E-02
 Mixed-vs-LBC-Mucinous 4.00150000001709E-06
 Mixed-vs-Papillary 4.149500E-02
 Clear Cell-vs-LBC-Non Mucinous 4.028200E-02
 Clear Cell-vs-Papillary 2.063500E-02
 LBC-Non Mucinous-vs-Solid Pattern Predominant 4.452100E-02
 LBC-Non Mucinous-vs-LBC-Mucinous 1.174210E-02
 Solid Pattern Predominant-vs-LBC-Mucinous 1.926450E-02
 Solid Pattern Predominant-vs-Mucinous carcinoma 4.480600E-03
 Solid Pattern Predominant-vs-Papillary 3.801800E-02
 Acinar-vs-LBC-Mucinous 1.693590E-02
 LBC-Mucinous-vs-Papillary 1.804030E-02
TP53 Mutant
 TP53-Mutant-vs-TP53-Non Mutant 1.81166193158333E-12
  1. Note: Reformed smoker 1, Reformed smoker (< 15 years); Reformed smoker 2, Reformed smoker (> 15 years); NOS, Lung Adenocarcinoma-Not Otherwise Specified; Mixed, Lung Adenocarcinoma Mixed subtype; Clear Cell, Lung Clear Cell Adenocarcinoma; LBC-Nonmucinous, Lung Bronchioloalveolar Carcinoma Non mucinous; Solid Pattern Predominant, Lung Solid Pattern Predominant Adenocarcinoma; Acinar, Lung Acinar Adenocarcinoma; LBC-Mucinous, Lung Bronchioloalveolar Carcinoma Mucinous; Mucinous, Mucinous (Colloid) Carcinoma; Papillary, Lung Papillary Adenocarcinoma; Mucinous, Lung Mucinous Adenocarcinoma; Micropapillary, Lung Micropapillary Adenocarcinoma; Signet Ring, Lung Signet Ring Adenocarcinoma