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Table 4 List of any cancer (and breast cancer) related genes and unique variants identified by individual patients in the control group. The strength of known association of each variant with oncogenesis is marked as known (**), potential (*) or no (no marker)

From: Co-occurrence of thyroid and breast cancer is associated with an increased oncogenic SNP burden

BC only patients (no. of SNPs) Gene (known breast cancer gene) SNP Effect of mutation *- potential **- known association
T-1 (3) ATM c.8965C > G p.Gln2989Glu*
MUTYH c.1435G > A p.Glu479Lys*
FANCB c.2435A > G p.Tyr812Cys*
T-2 (2) MSR1 c.919G > T p.Asp307Tyr*
ATM c.6067G > A p.Gly2023Arg
T-3 (4) RAD50 c.1741C > T p.His581Tyr*
MITF c.1255G > T p.Glu419Ter**
WRN c.95A > G p.Lys32Arg
APC c.7490C > T p.Ser2497Leu
T-4 (6) ELANE c.341 T > C p.Leu114Ser*
RB1 c.10A > C p.Lys4Gln*
WRN c.1149G > T p.Leu383Phe
ERCC4 c.1135C > T p.Pro379Ser
MSR1 c.667 T > A p.Ser223Thr*
WRN c.2983G > A p.Ala995Thr
T-5 (1) TSC1 c.1390G > A p.Gly464Ser*
T-6 (1) CHEK2 c.190G > A p.Glu64Lys**
T-7 (3) MSH2 c.2187G > A p.Met729Ile*
RAD50 c.734A > G p.Glu245Gly*
FANCA c.2658G > C p.Glu886Asp*
T-8 (2) CDH1 c.344C > T p.Thr115Met*
MET c.2962C > T p.Arg988Cys
T-9 (6) MDH2 c.415G > A p.Val139Ile*
FANCA c.1874G > C p.Cys625Ser
ATR c.7303A > G p.Ile2435Val*
TERT c.2726 T > C p.Val909Ala*
PALB2 c.2483G > A p.Cys828Tyr*
FANCB c.454 T > C p.Phe152Leu*
T-10 (3) RECQL4 c.616A > C p.Lys206Gln*
BLM c.3536C > T p.Thr1179Ile*
FANCC c.632C > G p.Pro211Arg
T-11 (3) MITF c.1334C > A p.Thr445Lys
WRN c.1211 T > C p.Ile404Thr
SLX4 c.179A > C p.Gln60Pro
T-12 (1) FANCI c.824 T > C p.Ile275Thr
T-13 (3) BUB1 c.307A > G p.Ile103Val
FANCA c.1874G > C p.Cys625Ser
AXIN2 c.1994delG p.Gly665fs*
T-14 (3) RECQL4 c.941C > T p.Pro314Leu
SLX4 c.4963A > G p.Arg1655Gly
RAD51C c.130 T > C p.Ser44Pro
T-15 (1) PMS1 c.1609G > A p.Glu537Lys*