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Table 1 The search strategy

From: Association of single nucleotide polymorphisms of cytochrome P450 enzymes with experience of vasomotor, vaginal and musculoskeletal symptoms among breast cancer patients: a systematic review

“cancer” OR “carcinoma” OR “tumor” OR “malignancy”
“CYP2D6” OR “CYP” OR “cytochrome P450”
“polymorphism” OR “polymorphisms” OR “polymorphic” OR “genetic difference” OR “genetic differences” OR “genotype” OR “phenotype”
“endocrine” OR “vasomotor” OR “musculoskeletal” OR “vaginal dryness” OR “vaginal atrophy” OR “vulvovaginal atrophy” OR “vaginal symptoms” OR “night sweats” OR “hot flash” OR “hot flush” OR “hot flashes” OR “hot flushes” OR “joint pain” OR “joint stiffness”