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Table 2 CAD System Needs

From: Medical needs related to the endoscopic technology and colonoscopy for colorectal cancer diagnosis

  N %
According to your experience, which is the MOST helpful indicator to establish the malignancy of a lesion?
 Paris classification 21 23.3
 Vascularity 12 12.9
 Lesion surface (granularity / no granularity) 11 12.1
 Kudo’s pit pattern 44 47.8
Existing methods are NOT simple or reproducible enough 31 34.1
How would you prefer to be alerted to the detection of a polyp?
 Audible alarm 11 11.1
 Visual cue on screen (away from the endoscopic image) 43 43.4
 Highlighting the polyp on the endoscopic image (augmented display) 72 72.7
How would you like to receive the feedback on the diagnosis suggestion?
 Audible alarm 3 3.6
 Traffic light cues (Green – benign, Yellow – pre-malign, Red – malign) 70 83.3
 Text 26 31.0
I would completely remove large non polypoid lesions with more confidence if I had a CAD system 79 86.8
The CAD system could contribute to detect the residual lesion of a piecemeal polypectomy scar 84 92.3