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Table 3 Hazard ratios (HRs) of cancer-specific and overall mortality among women with primary breast cancer as the second malignancy (BCa-2), compared to women with primary breast cancer as the first malignancy (BCa-1): a SEER population-based study in US, 1990–2015

From: Increased risk of breast cancer-specific mortality among cancer survivors who developed breast cancer as a second malignancy

N (IR)
N (IR)
HR (95% CI)a HR (95% CI)b HR (95% CI)c
All BCa-2  
 Breast cancer-specific mortality 114,964 (1.9) 3829 (2.1) 1.00 (0.97–1.03) 1.11 (1.08–1.15) 1.11 (1.08–1.15)
 Overall mortality 227,860 (3.7) 13,625 (7.6) 1.46 (1.44–1.49) 1.57 (1.54–1.59) 1.56 (1.54–1.59)
  1. Abbreviations: CI Confidence interval, HR Hazards ratio, IR Mortality rate per 100 person-years, N Number of deaths
  2. a HR was adjusted for age (continuous) and calendar period at diagnosis, race, cohabitation status, percentile of cost of living and high-school education in county of residence
  3. b HR was additionally adjusted for tumor stage, histology, grade, estrogen receptor status, progesterone receptor status, and human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 status
  4. c HR was additionally adjusted for surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy