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Table 2 Case analysis of seven patients with discordant results between IHC and PCR

From: A next-generation sequencing-based strategy combining microsatellite instability and tumor mutation burden for comprehensive molecular diagnosis of advanced colorectal cancer

Patient ID Stage Pathology Tumor site IHC interpretation Absent protein of IHC MSI-PCR MSI-NGS TMB (muts/Mb) MMR relative alterations Review or Retest of IHC
14,167 IV Adenocarcinoma Ascending colon pMMR None MSI-H MSS 7.1   Not enough tissue
31,713 IV Adenocarcinoma Rectum dMMR MLH1 and PMS2 MSS MSS 20.2 MLH1 R265C and BRAF V600E Not enough tissue
12,563 IV Signet ring cell Rectum dMMR PMS2 MSS MSS 1.1   Retest as pMMR
11,640 IV Adenocarcinoma Ileocecal junction dMMR PMS2 MSS MSS 7.1   Review as Misinterpretation
12,873 II Adenocarcinoma Ascending colon dMMR PMS2 MSS MSS 280.9 PMS2 p.R563* and POLE p.P286R Not enough tissue
12,880 II Adenocarcinoma Rectum dMMR MSH6 MSS MSS 3.2   Retest as pMMR
15,706 IV Adenocarcinoma Descending colon dMMR MSH6 MSS MSS 8.1   Retest as pMMR