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Table 1 Patient characteristics, tumor characteristics, therapy regimen, chemotherapy and radiotherapy characteristics

From: Prognostic value of the micronucleus assay for clinical endpoints in neoadjuvant radiochemotherapy for rectal cancer

Patient characteristics
  Men 81
  Women 53
Age [y]
  Median 67.5
  Min 21
  Max 87
Weight [kg]
  Median 80
  Min 45
  Max 140
Height [m]
  Median 1.71
  Min 1.51
  Max 1.93
BMI [kg/m2]
  Median 27.34
  Min 17.58
  Max 43.82
Therapy regimen
Clinical trials
  CAO/ARO/AIO-04 111
  TransValid-KFO179/GRCSG-A 15
  TransValid-KFO179/GRCSG-B 8
Therapy sequence
  RCT-TME-CT 126
CT characteristics
CT regimen
  5-FU-mono 78
5-FU plasma levels (AUC [mg∙h/l])
  Median 20.37
  Min 2.02
  Max 100.00
RT characteristics
RT technique  
  3DCRT 87
  IMRT 2
  VMAT 31
  3DCRT and VMAT 14
PTV size [cm3]
  Median 1414.7
  Min 998.6
  Max 2735.5
  1. RCT radiochemotherapy, TME total mesorectal excision, CT chemotherapy, RT radiotherapy, 5-FU 5-fluorouracil, FOLFOX 5-FU and oxaliplatin, 3DCRT 3D-conformal radiotherapy, IMRT intensity modulated radiotherapy, VMAT volumetric modulated arc therapy, AUC area under the concentration-time curve, PTV size planning target volume size