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Table 2 Treatment outcomes of operations and pathological findings

From: Neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy for patients with unresectable radically locally advanced colon cancer: a potential improvement to overall survival and decrease to multivisceral resection

  No. (%)
CEA preoperative, median, ng/ml 2.4 (1.5–4.1)
Surgery situation
R0 83 (89.2%)
R2 6 (6.5%)b
ELa 4 (4.3%)
Downstage T
Yes 65 (69.9%)
No 28 (30.1%)c
Downstage N
Yes 84 (90.3%)
No 9 (9.7%)c
Yes 81 (87.1%)
No 12 (12.9%)c
Yes 44 (47.3%)
No 49 (52.7%)c
Yes 18 (19.4%)
No 75 (80.6%)c
Resection Surgery-Radiotherapy interval Median, d (range) 63.0 (55–76.5)
  1. Abbreviations: ypT stage Postoperative pathological T stage, ypN stage Postoperative pathological N stage, MVR Multivisceral resection, pCR Pathological complete remission
  2. aEL; btwo patients who had perforations during NACRT were included in this group; cfour patients who underwent EL were included in this group