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Table 2 Imaging characteristics for diagnosis of radiation necrosis

From: Bevacizumab for radiation necrosis following radiotherapy of brain metastatic disease: a systematic review & meta-analysis

Imaging Technique Characteristics
MRI -Contrast enhancement pattern (soap bubble or Swiss cheese pattern, etc.),
-Location of enhancement (periventricular, corpus callosum, midline crossing, subependymal spread),
-Multiplicity (single/multiple),
-Distance from primary tumor site (ipsilateral/contralateral)
MRS -Decreased peaks in Cho, NAA and Cr,
-Low Cho/Cr values
-Elevated Lip-Lac/Cho
PET -No uptake of radionuclides
  1. Abbreviations: MRI Magnetic resonance imaging, MRS Magnetic resonance spectroscopy, PET Positron emission topography