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Table 1 Clinical characteristics

From: Adult primary testicular lymphoma: clinical features and survival in a series of patients treated at a high-volume institution in China

characteristicsNo. of patients%
Age (years)
B symptoms
Tumor size (cm)
Serum LDH
Serum β-HCG (mIU/ml)
Serum AFP (IU/L)
Pathology classification
 NK/T lymphoma311
 Burkitt’s lymphoma14
ECOG score
  ≥ 21657
  1. Table 2 Note:IQR Interquartile range, BMI Body mass index, LDH Lactate dehydrogenase, HCG Human chorionic gonadotropin, AFP Alpha fetoprotein, NK/T Natural killer/T, ECOG Eastern cooperative oncology group, IPI International prognostic index. Missing serum LDH and unknown stage were considered to be 0 points when calculating IPI.