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Table 3 Sites of response and progression in patients with dissociated responses, and treatment after dissociated responses in eleven patients with dissociated responses

From: Dissociated responses at initial computed tomography evaluation is a good prognostic factor in non-small cell lung cancer patients treated with anti-programmed cell death-1/ligand 1 inhibitors

Age (range)SexICIsTreatment after DRResponse siteProgression site
71–75MNivoContinuation of ICIsprimary lesionbone; new lesion
26–30MNivoContinuation of ICIsprimary lesion, LN (thoracic),
PM; non-target lesion
adrenal; new lesion
46–50MNivoContinuation of ICIsPMprimary lesion; target lesion
71–75MPembS1 + BevacizumabPMPM; target lesion
LN (thoracic);non-target lesion
Liver; non-target lesion
66–70MNivoContinuation of ICIsprimary lesion,
LN (thoracic)
adrenal; new lesion
76–80MNivoBSCLN (axilla)PM; new lesion
46–50FNivoLocal radiotherapyLN (abdominal),
LN (axilla)
PM; target lesion
LN (thoracic); non-target lesion
Subcutaneous metastasis; non-target lesion
51–55FPembS1PMprimary lesion; target lesion
PM; new lesion
41–45FNivoPemetrexed and local radiotherapyLN (axilla)
Brain; new lesion,
PM; new lesion
Bone; non-target lesion
76–80MNivoContinuation of ICIsprimary lesion,
LN (thoracic); non-target lesion
66–70FNivoS1liverprimary lesion; non-target lesion
PM; non-target lesion
LN (thoracic); non-target lesion
Liver; new lesion,
LN (abdominal); new lesion
  1. Abbreviations: BSC best supportive care, DR dissociated responses, F female, ICIs immune checkpoint inhibitors, LN lymph nodes, LN, M male, Nivo nivolumab, Pemb, pembrolizumab, PM pulmonary metastasis