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Table 4 Univariate and multivariate analysis for overall survival

From: Risk factors for aspiration pneumonia during concurrent chemoradiotherapy or bio-radiotherapy for head and neck cancer

VariablesUnivariate analysisMultivariate analysis
Odds ratio95% CIPOdds ratio95% CIP
Age < 70 vs. ≥700.610.42–0.880.00830.640.43–0.950.026
Gender Male vs. Female1.991.07–3.690.0292.471.27–4.810.0080
ECOG Performance status 0–1 vs.2–30.310.17–0.55< 0.0010.940.461.930.87
BMI < 20 vs. ≥201.721.20–2.500.00431.531.03–2.280.035
Primary site Oropharynx vs. others1.250.85–1.830.25   
T-classification 1–2 vs. 3–40.420.28–0.61< 0.0010.580.38–0.870.0087
N-classification 0-2b vs. 2c-30.500.34–0.74< 0.0010.550.37–0.840.0050
Histology SCC vs. others2.060.84–5.060.11   
Brinkman index < 500 vs. ≥5000.950.66–1.360.76   
Habitual alcoholic consumption Yes vs. No1.220.85–1.720.29   
Use of ACEi or ARB Yes vs. No0.970.63–1.490.88   
Use of PPI or H2 blocker Yes vs. No1.200.85–1.720.30   
Oral hygiene before treatment Good vs. Poor0.660.46–0.940.0210.940.65–1.370.76
Coexistence of other malignancies Yes vs. No1.160.90–1.520.24   
Charlson comorbidity index 0–1 vs. ≥20.620.41–0.920.0180.720.47–1.110.14
Serum albumin before treatment Within normal limits vs. less than normal range0.330.22–0.48< 0.0010.500.30–0.830.0069
Hemoglobin before treatment Within normal limits vs. less than normal range0.580.40–0.830.00280.830.53–1.310.43
Use of sleeping pills before treatment Yes .vs No2.001.39–2.86< 0.0011.160.73–1.850.54
Induction chemotherapy Yes vs. No0.870.56–1.330.51   
Concurrent chemotherapy regimen CDDP vs. others0.660.45–0.970.0360.710.45–1.120.14
Radiation technique Conventional 3D-CRT vs. IMRT1.260.83–1.920.27   
Radiation dose 70Gy vs. <70Gy0.250.12–0.50< 0.0010.180.084–0.40< 0.001
Irradiation field Local vs. whole neck0.900.56–1.430.66   
Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy prior to treatment Yes vs. No1.761.21–2.560.00341.160.78–1.730.47
Treatment Inpatient vs. Outpatient1.771.24–2.530.00181.470.99–2.170.052
The worst mucositis grade during treatment 1–2 vs. 3–40.980.68–1.400.90   
The worst dysphagia score during treatment 1–2 vs. 3–40.920.64–1.310.63   
Aspiration pneumonia during treatment Yes vs. No1.562.22–3.23< 0.0011.581.06–2.350.024