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Table 1 Characteristics of all eligible studies for lipid profile and risk of ovarian tumours

From: Lipid profile and risk of ovarian tumours: a meta-analysis

Authors Year Country Cases Control Lipid profilea Ascertainment of ovarian tumour cases Classificationf Accountability of bias
Bukhari et al. [7] 2016 Pakistan 30 30e TC, TG, HDL, LDLb Hospital/Medical record confirmed using color flow Doppler tests, biopsies and MRI NR NR
Camuzcuoglu et al. [6] 2009 Turkey 24 29e TC, TG, HDL, LDLb Hospital/Medical record FIGO Excludedg, h
Chen et al. [16] 2017 China 573 1146d TG, HDLb Hospital confirmed FIGO Excludedh,i
Das et al. [17] 1987 China 28 66e TCb Histopathological examinations NR NR
Delimaris et al. [10] 2007 Greece 15 30d TC, HDL, LDLb Hospital/Medical records, TNM Excludedg
Gadomska et al. [18] 1997 NR 25 25e TC, TG, HDLb Histopathological examinations FIGO NR
Gadomska et al. [9] 2005 Poland 91 44 e TC, TG, HDLb Histopathological examinations, Transvaginal ultrasonography, FIGO NR
Knapp et al. [19] 2017 Poland 74 81e TC, TG Transvaginal sonography evaluation, Histopathological examinations, CT scan FIGO Excludedh,i
Kuesel et al. [20, 23] 1992 Canada 62 51e TC, TG NR FIGO NR
Melvin et al [8] 2012 Sweden 786 227,603d TC, TG, HDL, LDLb Verifiable database NR NR
Qadir et al. [21] 2008 Pakistan 40 50d TC, TG, HDL, LDLb NR NR Excludedh
Yam et al. [22] 1994 Israel 19 12c TC, TG, HDL, LDLb Biopsies of ovary/endometrium NR NR
  1. NR-not reported; a-lipid profile reported in the study; b-lipid profile assessed in fasting state; c-hospital-based controls; d-population-based controls e-unspecified type of controls; MRI-magnetic resonance imaging; f-method adopted for tumour classification; FIGO-International Federation of Gynecologists and Obstetricians; TNM-The TNM Classification of Malignant Tumours
  2. gPatients with previously-performed chemo-therapy, radiotherapy and surgery
  3. hPatients with concurrent or previous malignant disease or any other disease
  4. iPatients with suspected abnormalities such as neoplastic effects etc