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Table 3 Multivariate Logistic Regression Analysis of Demographic and Clinicopathological Characteristics Predictive of Lymph Node Metastasis in Thyroid Carcinoma Patients

From: Lymph node metastasis in young and middle-aged papillary thyroid carcinoma patients: a SEER-based cohort study

OR(95%CI)P valueOR(95%CI)P value
Age at diagnosis0.974 (0.972–0.975)<.00010.999 (0.988–1.009).82
Sex (female vs. male)0.481 (0.456–0.507)<.00010.569 (0.408–0.796).001
Race <.0001 .02
 White1 (reference) 1 (reference) 
 Black0.782 (0.695–0.881)<.00011.010 (0.530–1.923).98
 API1.191 (1.114–1.274)<.0001
 AI/AN1.714 (1.300–2.261)<.00011.883 (1.193–2.971).007
Tumor size (mm) <.0001 .51
 0–101 (reference) 1 (reference) 
 11–201.821 (1.724–1.923)<.00011.291 (0.629–2.652).49
 21–402.36 (2.224–2.504)<.00010.934 (0.473–1.843).84
 >402.547 (2.329–2.784)<.00010.952 (0.472–1.919).89
ETE <.0001 <.0001
 Localized1 (reference) 1 (reference) 
 Minora4.127 (3.805–4.478)<.00016.627 (3.974–11.050)<.0001
 Strap musclesb3.509 (3.260–3.777)<.00014.497 (2.621–7.715)<.0001
 Major neck structuresc7.575 (6.641–8.640)<.00017.620 (4.580–12.676)<.0001
Laterality0.950 (0.714–1.265).731.00
Multifocality1.661 (1.590–1.735)<.00012.816 (2.012–3.941)<.0001
Histology <.0001 
 Adenocarcinoma1 (reference)  
 Follicular variant0.371 (0.353–0.391)<.0001
 Oxyphilic cell variant0.741 (0.470–1.168).20
 Encapsulated variant0.312 (0.230–0.424)<.0001
 Columnar cell variant1.089 (0.913–1.298).34
 Microcarcinomad0.338 (0.290–0.393)<.0001
Distant metastasise2.787 (2.137–3.635)<.00013.768 (2.195–6.467)<.0001
  1. Abbreviations: PTC Papillary thyroid carcinoma, FTC Follicular thyroid carcinoma, OR Odds ratio, CI Confidence interval, API Asian or Pacific Islander, AI/AN American Indian/Alaska Native, ETE Extrathyroidal extension
  2. Note: aPericapsular soft tissue/connective tissue; bsternohyoid, sternothyroid, thyrohyoid, or omohyoid muscles; cinvading subcutaneous soft tissues, larynx, trachea, esophagus, recurrent laryngeal nerve, prevertebral fascia, or encasing the carotid artery or mediastinal vessels; dlabeled as microcarcinoma in Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) database, there was no specific pathological subtype classification; eincluding the bone, brain, liver, lung. Reference groups are male, white, tumor size≤10 mm, intrathyroidal tumors, one side tumors, single tumors, adenocarcinoma, and absence of distant metastasis. Number of observations: 45,346. Bolded font indicates statistical significance