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Table 2 Internal validity of included studies

From: Efficacy of bevacizumab combined with chemotherapy in the treatment of HER2-negative metastatic breast cancer: a network meta-analysis

StudyProspective designMulticenter enrollmentSelection biasPerformance biasAttrition biasDetection biasMultivariate adjustment for potential confounders
Norikazu Masuda 2017 [7]BCBCnone reported
David Miles 2017 [8]AABAprobably adequate
Christoph Rochlitz 2016 [20]BBBCnone reported
Christoph Zielinski 2016 [13]AABAprobably adequate
A. Welt 2016 [17]AAAAprobably adequate
O. Trédan 2016 [21]BCBCnone reported
Denise A. Yardley 2015 [18]BCACnone reported
Veronique Dieras 2015 [19]BCACnone reported
Hans-Joachim Luck 2015 [16]AAABprobably adequate
S.W. Lam 2014 [14]AAABprobably adequate
Joseph Gligorov 2014 [15]AABBprobably adequate
Istvan Lang 2013 [12]AABAprobably adequate
Adam M. Brufsky 2011 [22]ABAAprobably adequate
Miguel Martin 2011 [23]ABABprobably adequate
David W. Miles 2010 [9]AAAAprobably adequate
Robert Gray 2009 [10]AAAAprobably adequate
  1.  = yes,  = no. Risk of bias is expressed as A = low, B = moderate, C = high, or D = incomplete reporting