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Table 1 Summary of clinicopathological data of the enrolled cases

From: Prognostic significance of stem cell/ epithelial-mesenchymal transition markers in periampullary/pancreatic cancers: FGFR1 is a promising prognostic marker

 No. (%)
Age (yrs)Ranged 36 ~  82Mean 63.0 ± 9.4
SexMale 76, Female 50M:F = 1.52:1
Location (tumor epicenter)Original diagnosisRevised diagnosis
 Periampullary duodenum3(2.4%)0(0%)
 Pancreatic head37(29.4%)44(34.9%)
 Distal CBD47(37.3%)48(38.1%)
 Proximal CBD2(1.6%)0(0%)
T stageOriginal diagnosisRevised diagnosis
Gross type
Tumor sizeRanged 0.6 ~  8.0 cmMean 3.2 ± 1.6 cm
  < 4.5 cm96(76.2%)
  ≥ 4.5 cm30(23.8%)
N stage
M stage
Lymphatic invasion70(55.6%)56(44.4%)
Vascular invasion110(87.3%)16(12.7%)
Perineural invasion54(42.9%)72(57.1%)
Positive radial resected margin118(93.7%)8(6.3%)
Tumor ulceration116(92.1%)10(7.9%)
Histologic gradeOriginal diagnosisRevised diagnosis
 Well differentiated37(29.4%)32(25.4%)
 Moderately differentiated79(62.7%)90(71.4%)
 Poorly differentiated10(7.9%)4(3.2%)
Histologic subtype
 Pancreaticobiliary subtype34(27.2%)
 Prone to pancreaticobiliary subtype58(46.4%)
 Prone to intestinal subtype19(15.2%)
 Intestinal subtype14(11.2%)
Degree of fibrosisOriginal diagnosisRevised diagnosis
Degree of inflammationOriginal diagnosisRevised diagnosis
Tumor recurrenceAbsentPresent
Follow-up duration (days)Ranged 3 ~  5234969.7 ± 1135
Disease free survival (days)Ranged 3 ~  4173731.2 ± 954.5