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Table 3 Numbers and incidence rate of advanced stage breast cancer (UICC II+] in the period after the initial screening (interval ABC plus ABC detected at first subsequent screening] and in the period after the first subsequent screening (interval ABC plus ABC detected at the second subsequent screening], compared with the reference ABC incidence rate and expressed as a relative reduction (in %). Regular participants of the mammography screening program in North Rhine-Westphalia, 2005 to 2013

From: Incidence of advanced-stage breast cancer in regular participants of a mammography screening program: a prospective register-based study

 UICC II + interval cancersUICC II + breast cancers detected at screeningTotal rate of UICC II+ cancersReference incidence rate of UICC II+ cancersRelative reductionb
n24-months rate /100,000a [95% CI]n24-months rate /100,000a [95% CI]24-months rate /100,000a [95% CI]24-months rate /100,000a [95% CI](%)
First period after the initial screening1708143.5 [136.7; 150.3]762148.1 [137.5; 158.8]291.6 [279.0; 304.2]349.4 [319.4; 379.6]16.5 [9.8; 22.8]
Second period after the first subsequent screening643127.7 [117.7; 137.7]323147.3 [129.7; 165.0]275.0 [254.7; 295.3]349.4 [319.4; 379.6]21.3 [13.5; 28.4]
  1. aage - standardized to the distribution of the 5-years age groups in the initial prevalence screening, 95% CI: 95% confidence interval
  2. bFormula see methods section