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Table 1 Detection rates, numbers and tumor stage of breast cancers among regular participants of the first three screenings of the mammography screening program in North Rhine-Westphalia, 2005–2013

From: Incidence of advanced-stage breast cancer in regular participants of a mammography screening program: a prospective register-based study

screeningN0 = 1,200,246
1st subsequent incidence screeninga
N1 = 498,029
2nd subsequent incidence screeninga
N2 = 208,561
Breast cancer detection rate [DR] (per 100,000 screened)831.4537.7518.4
Numbers of invasive cancers82132233941
Numbers of in-situ cancers1766538207
Invasive cancers / Total cancers screen-detected (%)82.380.681.9
Numbers of advanced stage cancers (UICC II+)3205762323
Advanced stage cancers / Total cancers screen-detected (%)b32.127.528.1
  1. aage - standardized to the distribution of the 5-years age groups in the initial screening
  2. bbased on computations that include imputed values (for missing data of size and nodal status) in both, nominator and denominator (see text)