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Table 5 Joint ever exposure to silica and asbestos at work and bladder cancer risk, NECSS 1994–1997

From: Silica and asbestos exposure at work and the risk of bladder cancer in Canadian men: a population-based case-control study

N%N%OR (95% CI) a
Ever exposed to silica but not asbestos20330.937727.71.20 (0.93 – 1.54)
Ever exposed to asbestos but not silica6910.5977.11.33 (0.92 – 1.92)
Ever exposed to both517.8544.01.67 (1.06 – 2.62)
  1. a Adjusted for province of residence, age at interview, proxy respondent, cigarette pack-years, highest attained concentration of diesel exposure, ever exposed to mineral/lube oil at work