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Table 4 Selected features and corresponding coefficients for the final multivariate Cox model

From: MicroRNAs associated to single drug components of R-CHOP identifies diffuse large B-cell lymphoma patients with poor outcome and adds prognostic value to the international prognostic index

Feature miRNA Hazard Ratio
IPI2–5   3.335
232504_at miR-146a 0.857
229437_at miR-155 0.868
220990_s_at miR-21 0.995
1555847_a_at miR-23a~miR-27a~miR-24-2 0.958
235571_at miR-34a 0.776
  1. The model was trained within the GCB subset of patients. MiRNA probes were pre-filtered to only include those significant in univariate Cox regression