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Table 3 Candidate miRNAs

From: MicroRNAs associated to single drug components of R-CHOP identifies diffuse large B-cell lymphoma patients with poor outcome and adds prognostic value to the international prognostic index

Probe ID (HG-U133) miRNA Drug sensitivity Annotation grade
232504_at miR-146a ↓ Cyc, ↑ Vin A
238225_at miR-146a ↓ Cyc, ↑ Vin B
229437_at miR-155 ↓ Rtx, ↑ Dox, ↑Vin A
220990_s_at miR-21 ↑ Vin A
229417_at miR-21 ↑ Vin E
235317_at miR-23a~miR-27a~miR-24-2 ↑ Dox, ↑ Vin B
1555847_a_at miR-23a~miR-27a~miR-24-2 ↑ Dox, ↑ Vin A
235571_at miR-34a ↑ Dox, ↑ Vin A
1557342_a_at let-7b ↑ Vin A
241464_s_at let-7b ↑ Vin B
227488_at miR-503 ↓ Rtx B
  1. Differentially expressed miRNAs detected by HG-U133 Plus 2.0 probes were selected as candidate miRNAs. The list consisted of 11 probe sets detecting 9 miRNAs. The annotation grade was assessed by NetAffx (Affymetrix) a transcript assignment pipeline creating a relationship between GeneChip probe sets and current transcript record. The transcript assignment grades fall into five categories A-E that describe the quality of the direct evidence. Grade A is a matching probe set having nine or more probes matching transcript mRNA. Grade B transcript assignments have partial overlap between transcripts and target sequence. Grade E is given when no transcript is found. Abbreviations: ↑ and ↓ defines up- and downregulation, respectively, in drug sensitive cell lines. Cyc, cyclophosphamide; Dox, doxorubicin; Rtx, rituximab; Vin, vincristine