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Table 5 Prognostic implication of lymphocyte subpopulations

From: Clinical significance of peripheral blood and tumor tissue lymphocyte subsets in cervical cancer patients

ParametersP value (Blood)
n = 43
P value (Tissue)
n = 35
Age (≤47 years Vs. > 47 years)0.7550.979
Stage (FIGO I Vs. ≥FIGO II)0.0760.355
Histology (SCC Vs. ADC)0.002#0.002#
Tumor (≤4 cm Vs. > 4 cm)0.2140.032#
Stromal invasion (≤1/2 Vs. > 1/2)0.7620.555
LN metastasis (negative Vs. positive)< 0.001#0.001#
LVSI (negative Vs. positive)0.017#0.034#
Gran %CD450.5610.957
T %MNC0.4130.939
rdT %T0.2940.317
B %MNC0.5440.513
pDC % MNC0.7270.278
CD11c + % pDC0.5760.509
Baso % MNC0.5280.591
BDCA1+ mDC % MNC0.3370.132
BDCA3+ mDC % MNC0.6320.371
Mono %MNC0.8080.812
CD14+ Mo % MNC0.9610.481
CD16+ Mo % MNC0.5760.062
CD16+ %Mono0.5760.062
NK %MNC0.7520.533
CD56hi NK % MNC0.8200.648
CD56lo NK % MNC0.5250.481
CD56hi %NK0.5250.563
MDSC % CD33hi0.5760.679
DR- %14 + APC0.4430.536
DR- %16 + APC0.0930.106
  1. *Median value of lymphocyte was used as cut-off value
  2. #P values with statistical significance were denoted