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Table 1 Sample Criteria

From: Blood test shows high accuracy in detecting stage I non-small cell lung cancer

All cohortM/F, 18 y/o or older, sample collected in the USAPregnant, incarcerated, lack of capacity to consent, samples collected outside of sthe United States
AsthmaSmoker or non-smokerAny cancer diagnosis
Non-SmokerHealthySmokers, any cancer diagnosis
NSCLC, (Stage I-II)Stage I-II; smoker or non-smokerStage III-IV lung cancer
Smoker10 pack yearsAny cancer diagnosis
Other CancersBreast, colon-rectal, pancreatic, and prostate cancer, all stages; smoker or non-smoker 
  1. The non-smoker and NSCLC served as negative and positive control for lung cancer, respectively. Asthma sufferer and COPDs were included to test whether the diagnostic test can differentiate lung cancer from those who may have other respiratory diseases which share similar symptoms. The smokers consisted of high-risk population for LC who were not diagnosed with any cancer. Other cancers (i.e., breast, prostate, pancreatic, and colon-rectal) were included to ensure that the diagnostic test was specific to NSCLC