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Table 4 Logistic regression for association of selected baseline variables with occurrence of preoperative VTEs (multivariable model)

From: High thromboembolic event rate in patients with locally advanced oesophageal cancer during neoadjuvant therapy. An exploratory analysis of the prospective, randomised intergroup phase III trial SAKK 75/08

 Odds Ratio (95% CI)p-value
Arm (Investigational vs. Control)1.56 (0.61–4.00)0.4
Histologic type (AC vs. SCC)4.42 (1.18–16.53)0.03
Neutrophils (109/L)1.14 (0.88–1.47)0.3
Platelets (109/L)1.00 (0.99–1.00)0.2
Haemoglobin (100 g/L)1.01 (0.98–1.04)0.7
BMI (kg/m2)0.95 (0.84–1.06)0.3