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Table 1 Demographics and disease characteristics of the patients included in the trial

From: High thromboembolic event rate in patients with locally advanced oesophageal cancer during neoadjuvant therapy. An exploratory analysis of the prospective, randomised intergroup phase III trial SAKK 75/08

CharacteristicOverall (N = 300)
Median age (years), median (range)61(36–75)
Histologic Type
 Squamous cell carcinoma111(37%)
Localization (main tumour load)
 Upper part (5 cm from thoracic inlet to tracheal bifurcation)14(5%)
 Lower part (tracheal bifurcation to oesophagogastric junction)141(47%)
 Oesophagogastric junction145(48%)
Siewert Type
 Type I88(29%)
 Type II57(19%)
Clinical T stage
Clinical N stage
WHO Performance Status