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Table 3 Summary of outcomes related to intervention effectiveness and their measurement

From: Using digital health to facilitate compliance with standardized pediatric cancer treatment guidelines in Tanzania: protocol for an early-stage effectiveness-implementation hybrid study

OutcomeMeasureData source
Change in protocol compliance (primary outcome)Percent difference in protocol compliance with mNavigator and historical compliance. Protocol compliance is calculated as proportion of protocol steps completed, based on a compliance checklist.mNavigator data from prospectively registered pediatric cancer patients from July 2019 – July 2020 and data extracted from paper charts for patients registered at BMC from 2015 – June 2019 entered into mNavigator
Change in treatment abandonment (secondary outcome)Calculated as the difference in proportion of patients registered in mNavigator who abandoned treatment compared to historical controls who abandoned treatment. Treatment abandonment is defined as missing four or more consecutive weeks of treatment or follow-up while still on therapy.Data from mNavigator (outcome form)
Change in treatment completion rateCalculated as the proportion of patients registered in mNavigator who completed treatment compared to historical controlsData from mNavigator (outcome form)
Change in time to diagnosisChange in the number of days to diagnosis using mNavigator compared to historical controls. Time to diagnosis is computed as the duration from registration to diagnosisData from mNavigator (registration form; diagnosis form)