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Table 2 Summary of study activities using the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research process

From: Using digital health to facilitate compliance with standardized pediatric cancer treatment guidelines in Tanzania: protocol for an early-stage effectiveness-implementation hybrid study

CFIR phaseActivitiesTasks
PLANWorkflow mappingExisting clinical workflows
Provider tasks
Patient navigator tasks
 Form developmentTranslation of clinical workflows and national treatment guidelines to data entry forms
Programming in CommCare HQ
ENGAGEQuality assurancePersonas
De-identified patient records
Iterative testing and updates
 Usability testingSystem usability score
Think aloud method
EXECUTEIn-country trainingTraining on mNavigator
In-country capacity building for sustainability
 Implementation in routine clinical useSupported launch
Full launch
REFLECT AND EVALUATEImplementation- effectiveness hybrid designClinical effectiveness
System evaluation
Implementation factors