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Table 1 Demographic overview

From: Integrative analysis of breast cancer profiles in TCGA by TNBC subgrouping reveals novel microRNA-specific clusters, including miR-17-92a, distinguishing basal-like 1 and basal-like 2 TNBC subtypes

Age at Diagnosis
 Not Hispanic or Latino82%88%87%89%
 Hispanic or Latino2%12%5%2%
 Not reported16%0%8%9%
 Black/African American32%32%26%32%
 Not reported11%0%0%0%
Vital Status
Disease Type
 Ductal or Lobular Neoplasm100%85%97%86%
 Complex Epithelial Neoplasm0%15%0%7%
 Epithelial Neoplasm, NOS0%0%0%5%
 Fibroepithelial Neoplasm0%0%3%0%
 Basal Cell Neoplasm0%0%0%2%
  1. Distribution of available cases among demographic categories according to TNBC subtypes