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Table 2 Correlation of KIT/PDGFRA genotype between tissue and plasma

From: Clinical value of next generation sequencing of plasma cell-free DNA in gastrointestinal stromal tumors

   cfDNA genotype (%AF)
Patient IDCohortTissue genotypePrimary mut.Resistance mut.
1AKIT W557R00N.A.N.A.
2AKIT L576P00N.A.N.A.
4APDGFRA D842_D84600N.A.N.A.
6AKIT Y568_L57600N.A.N.A.
7AKIT K550_K55801.5N.A.N.A.
8AKIT Q556_K55812.315.2N.A.N.A.
9AKIT W557_K558 + N822K0000
10A + BKIT M552_E554 + D820Y0000
11A + BKIT V559del + D816V1.20.510
12A + BKIT V555_V56000.9N.A.N.A.
13A + BKIT T557_D57201.2N.A.N.A.
14BKIT p.W557R00.3N.A.N.A.
15BKIT V555_K55800N.A.N.A.
16BKIT V559_L5761.99.5N.A.N.A.
17BPDGFRA V561D1.30.4N.A.N.A.
18BKIT Q556_E56164.9N.A.N.A.
  1. Abbreviations: cfDNA cell free DNA, AF allele frequency, mut mutation, NGS next generation sequencing, ddPCR droplet digital PCR, N.A. not applicable