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Table 1 Patient demographics and disease characteristics (N = 18)

From: Clinical value of next generation sequencing of plasma cell-free DNA in gastrointestinal stromal tumors

CharacteristicsNo. of Patients%
Median age (range), y64 (34–79)N.A.
Primary tumor location
 Small bowel738.9
Median tumor size (range), cm
Median mitotic count (/50HPF)
Primary mutation
 KIT exon 111477.8
 PDGFRA exon 12211.1
 PDGFRA exon 18211.1
Tumor dissemination
Metastases location (n = 13)
Median tumor burden metastatic disease, mm (range)a152 (26–289)N.A.
Sensitivity to imatinib
  1. aMedian tumor burden has been calculated as measurable disease at the initiation of treatment by RECIST criteria. Abbreviations: No. number, y years, N.A. not applicable, cm centimeters, HPF high-power fields, mm millimeters, TKI tyrosine kinase inhibitor