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Table 2 Baseline characteristics of colorectal cancer patients and healthy controls

From: Pattern of nucleotide variants of TP53 and their correlation with the expression of p53 and its downstream proteins in a Sri Lankan cohort of breast and colorectal cancer patients

CharacteristicsTotal Number of patientsNumber of patients with Wild type TP53Number of patients with mutated TP53Number of healthy controls
Age at study entry
 30–60 years97216
  > 60 years12755
Body Mass index
 Under weight2201
 Ideal Weight11558
 Pre obese2203
Histological status of cancer
 Well differentiated adenocarcinoma321N/A
 Moderately differentiated adenocarcinoma1064N/A
 Poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma110N/A
Smoking history
Alcohol consumption
Betel-quid chewing
Codon 72 polymorphism
 Arginine/ Proline96310