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Table 2 Diagnoses and treatments received

From: Weight before and after a diagnosis of breast cancer or ductal carcinoma in situ: a national Australian survey

DescriptionN%Missing n (%)
Diagnoses  1 (0.3%)
 Ductal Carcinoma In Situ (DCIS)3310.7% 
 Localised breast cancer25281.8% 
 Metastatic breast cancer144.6% 
 Inflammatory breast cancer<50.7% 
 Other including second primary72.3% 
Treatment to the Breast  2 (0.6%)
 Lumpectomy alone<50.7% 
 Lumpectomy and radiation12942.0% 
 Mastectomy alone7424.1% 
 Mastectomy and radiation7123.1% 
 Lumpectomy and mastectomy alone103.3% 
 Lumpectomy, mastectomy and radiation165.2% 
 Double mastectomy51.6% 
Reconstruction after mastectomy (n = 164)
Treatment to the Axilla (n = 167)  13 (7.8%)
 Sentinel node biopsy only2415.6% 
 Axillary dissection +/− Sentinel node biopsy5636.4% 
 Axillary dissection +/− Sentinel node biopsy + radiation7246.8% 
 Radiation only<51.3% 
Intravenous Systemic Therapy
 Chemotherapy without Herceptin16453.1% 
 Herceptin only< 50.7% 
 Chemotherapy + Herceptin4614.9% 
 None/not reported9731.4% 
Hormonal Treatments
 Tamoxifen alone5818.8% 
Current use of hormone therapy