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Table 1 Patient Characteristics

From: Young-onset gastric cancer and Epstein–Barr Virus (EBV) – a major player in the pathogenesis?

FactorAverage Onset n = 35Young Onset n = 39p-value
Male sex, n(%)20 (57%)17 (43%)NS
Family history of malignancy, n(%)13 (48%)13 (37%)NS
Smoking history, n(%)18 (49%)18 (49%)NS
HPpositive, n(%)7 (47%)8 (36%)NS
Proximal tumor location, n(%)11 (32%)7 (22%)NS
Signet ring cell, n(%)13 (37%)18 (55%)NS
Stage IV at diagnosis, n(%)3 (9%)9 (27%)P < 0.05
HER2 positive, n(%)3 (9%)2 (5%)NS
EBV positive, n(%)13 (33%)4 (11%)P < 0.05
Median OS, months47.8 months69.7 monthsNS
  1. Abbreviations: HP Helicobacter Pylori, HER2 Human epidermal growth factor receptor 2, EBV Epstein–Barr Virus, OS overall survival
  2. Data was missing on smoking history (5 patients), H. pylori (37), tumor location (13), HER2 (8), stage at diagnosis (5)