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Table 1 Referral values for morbidity rate in the IMI-CNMR study and in the international

From: The surgical treatment of non-metastatic melanoma in a Clinical National Melanoma Registry Study Group (CNMR): a retrospective cohort quality improvement study to reduce the morbidity rates

Surgical Indicators Benchmark referral values
Procedure   Present study International
WE Wound infection 1.1% (0.4 to 2.7%) 4.6–8.4%a
Wound dehiscence 2.0% (0.8 to 5.1%) 3.5–4.6%a
Skin graft failure unreliable < 2%a
SLNB Wound Infection 1.3% (0.7 to 2.5%) 2.9% (1.5 to 4.6%)b
Wound dehiscence 0.9% (0.2 to 3.0%) 0.24–1.2%a
Seroma 4.2% (1.5 to 11.1%) 5.1% (2.5 to 8.6%)b
LFND Wound infection 4.1% (2.1 to 8.0%) 15.8%a
Wound dehiscence 2.8% (0.9 to 8.6%) 3%a
Wound infection and/or dehiscence 6.5% (2.9 to 14.0%) 21.6% (13.8 to 30.6%)c
Seroma 15.1% (4.6 to 39.9%) 17.9% (10.3 to 27%)c
  1. Data expressed as percentage with 95% confidence interval in parentheses
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