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Table 3 Clinical and laboratory characteristics of suspected COVID-19

From: Cancer patient management strategy in a Cancer Center of Zhejiang, China during the COVID-19 pandemic

Clinical characteristics Patient 1 Patient 2 Patient 3 Patient 4
Residence Hangzhou Hangzhou Lishui Shaoxing
Date of admission 1-Feb 2020 27-Feb 2020 9-Mar 2020 17-Mar 2020
Age (years) 78 56 42 43
Gender Male Male Female Female
Cancer type Esophageal cancer Hypopharyngeal cancer Lung cancer Breast cancer
Smoking status Yes Yes No No
Epidemiological history Yes (Exposure to relevant environment) No No No
Other diseases No No Yes (Ovarian cancer and liver cancer) No
Treatment history Chemoradiotherapy 2 months ago Chemoradiotherapy 2 months ago Chemotherapy 1 month ago Chemotherapy 3 weeks ago
 Fever Yes(37.3 °C) Yes(38.3 °C) Yes(37.7 °C) Yes(38.2 °C)
 Cough Yes Yes Yes No
 Fatigue or myalgia No Yes Yes No
 Expectoration Yes Yes Yes No
 Dyspnea No No No No
 Headache No Yes No No
 Diarrhea No No No No
Laboratory characteristics
 White blood cell count (× 109 cells per L) 5 7.6 12.8 5.7
 Low leukocyte count (< 9·5 × 109 cells per L) No No No No
 Lymphocyte count (× 109 cells per L) 0.8 0.4 1.2 0.7
 Lymphopenia (< 109 cells per L) Yes Yes No Yes
CRP (mg/L) 11.12 31.04 12.25 9.21
Elevated CRP (> 10 mg/L) Yes Yes Yes No
LDH (U/L) 141 337 199 296
Elevated LDH (> 240 U/L) No Yes No Yes
ALT (U/L) 23 17 10 51
Elevated ALT (> 50 U/L) No No No Yes
AST (U/L) 26 30 25 48
Elevated AST (> 40 U/L) No No No Yes
CT evidence of pneumonia
 Typical signs of viral infection Positive Positive Positive Positive
 1st round of PCR
 RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (RdRp) Negative Negative Negative Negative
 Nucleocapsid (N) gene Positive Negative Negative Negative
 2nd round of PCR after 24 h
 RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (RdRp) Negative Negative Negative Negative
 Nucleocapsid (N) gene Negative Negative Negative Negative
Follow-up Treatment
  Anti-infection therapy Hormone therapy Anti-infection therapy and Chemotherapy Transfer to local hospital
  1. CRP C-reactive protein. LDH Lactate dehydrogenase. ALT Alanine transaminase. AST Aspartate transaminase