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Table 3 Study secondary dependent variable and its measurement instruments

From: Efficacy and efficiency of a new therapeutic approach based on activity-oriented proprioceptive antiedema therapy (TAPA) for edema reduction and improved occupational performance in the rehabilitation of breast cancer-related arm lymphedema in women: a controlled, randomized clinical trial

-Health related quality of life (HRQOL). - Value of Upper Limb Lymphedema 27 (ULL-27), specific instrument for patients with Breast Cancer-Related Arm Lymphedema, transculturally adapted and validated in its Spanish version in 2016 [48]. (The result is calculated as a percentage of social, physical and psychological dimensions in which the higher the result obtained, the greater the disability or symptom/poorer the HRQOL).
- Health Questionnaire EQ-5D-5L by EuroQol Group, generic and standardized instrument used to describe and value the HRQOL of a group or population and validated in Spain by Badia X. et al. in 1999 [49]. Numeric value between 3 and 45, in which the higher the score, the poorer the HRQOL.